My work is a poetic celebration of visual storytelling, of image and allegory, life and death. I am interested in the nature of the feminine and the fragility of human beings in general. Through costumes and masquerades I explore transformation, metamorphosis and the elasticity of identity. I regard established reality as an instable constitution, an intangible structure around us that serves to minimize the risk of relinquishing a universal control. Danger lies in the unknown – in the loss of self and in the loss of control; in the depths of our subconscious lurk personal demons and archetypical anxieties.

These beliefs manifest themselves as an underlying stream of melancholy running through the majority of my works - evident even in those of my films, which are created out of a more structural and formal interest. In these works my focus is first of all the dramaturgical potential of form, colors and imagery, through which the story unfolds. Form becomes content. My aim is to create narratives liberated from the logic and realism of traditional cinema, and instead to create visual form subordinate to visual logic, resulting in films with a dreamlike and magical quality.

My worlds are inhabited with female characters embodying both discomfort and pleasure, by beauties and beasts and doll-like creatures. I explore various human, animal and dreamlike states, staged as simple theatrical choreographies acted out for the camera. I utilize symbols and psychological metaphors, in worlds where eyes are like mirrors, and mirrors are portals for rebirth and transcendence - like shamanic aids for seeing beyond the constraints of the physical world.

Mirroring reality is a quality traditionally associated with that of the photographic and filmic camera. In turn the filmic medium becomes a perfect tool for working with displacements of both reality and time, for rearranging and recreating the world we live and believe in. Thoughts and ideas are processed and disseminated through a dreamy, surreal and visual language, where explorations of the otherworldly and the mundane, of architectural form and the human body become key elements.


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